In response to the gravity of the current COVID-19 situation, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has temporarily closed its leisure venues and facilities since mid-July until the present. All the related recreation and sports programmes have also been suspended or cancelled due to the epidemic prevention protocol. 

Coaches' livelihood have been struck severely with an unknown period for the closure of LCSD facilities and suspension of sporting activities. Coaches are to potentially anticipate an unprecedented blow, which can cause "Zero Income" for the respective coaching personnel. Uncertainties and concerns keep rising over the past six months, even with the current continuous epidemic precautional policies. Simultaneously, citizens of Hong Kong are refrained from regular sports exercise because of the facility's closure. It is anticipated that the situation will have a certain impact on the “Sport For All” campaign under the health policy that has been advocating by the government for years.

With the changes in the local epidemic situation, the prevention control and measures in Hong Kong has now become a standard phenomenon. We, Hong Kong Squash, hope that the government can consider a limited resumption of activities in the community by carefully formulate a set of implementation that can well-balance the scale between fighting against the Coronavirus and restoring the economy, leading the society back on track.

Hong Kong Squash now kindly urge the government to reopen LCSD leisure venues and facilities to a certain extent: The number of persons allowed in courts is two only. Facilities must arrange temperature screening for all people entering the venue. Venues must step up cleansing work and provide adequate sanitising accessories. Facilities must be ceased from 6pm to the opening time the subsequent day. It is hoped that this can be a timely and appropriate solution to coaches' urgent needs and provide the public with opportunities to participate in sports to maintain healthy well-being to withstand any unwanted disease. 

Lastly, Hong Kong Squash will pay close attention to the latest epidemic development and reflect any suggestions to the relevant government departments promptly. It is strongly believed that our squash community can gather it's togetherness and work as a team to pay attention to personal hygiene while conducting squash activities after the reopening of squash court, so as to maintain good physical health regardless of the influence of the pandemic.