Summer League 2014

Summer League will start on June 16 (Mon). However, some divisions will start at a later date.


Summer League 2014-- Results

Please click on the following to view the Team Summary. If you wish to see result of reapective match, you need to click on the division button.

Summer League -- Team Summary / League Table


Please note that some divisions will start their season a bit later, so result is not available yet.

Fixtures / Match Schedules

Please click on the division buttons on the following table to view and download respective fixtures / match schedule.



Please click on the division buttons on the following table to view players registered on each team


Same league regulations will apply to Summer League. However, since Summer League has a much shorter season & each match is for 3 players, teams are requested to note the following:

(1) Each team can register a maximum of 6 players only, and all of them need to be paid up HKS member
(2) Club team can draw up player from lower division team(s). However, each player can only be drawn up to one and the same team for ONE time only. A player who plays in a higher division team on the 2nd occasion, he /she cannot revert to his/her original division.
(3) Club entering more than one team in the same division cannot interchange players between these teams. Some divisions have been splitted into groups but they are deemed to be the same division, eg Div 10A, 10B & 10C are in the same division.
(4) All league match will be played to PAR-11 and best of 5 games. Teams must provide name of players in proper order on the score card together with the game scores. Winning team can take the card but is responsible to send it to the League Office within 3 days.
(5) Team can only change their team order ONCE during the league season. However, no change can be made during the last 4 playing weeks.

Please click on the following to download forms:

Summer Leauge 2013 -- Change of Team Order Form




Summer League 2014

R/M for Summer League 2014 will be commenced on 21 June 2014, please enroll. All NEW players & other regustered players who have not previously attended a R/M course organized by HKS, must attend such a course, this is the only one available.

If, for any reason , a player has not attended a R/M course by June 28,2014, one point per match the player played will be deducted from the team scores through the season. All penalty points taken away are irrevocable.


Arrangements for Final Series

The League Office has annoucned schedules for Final Series. Please check under "Schedules" or click on the following to download a Summary Table showing dates for respective divisions.

Only player(s) who has played 5 matches or more is eligible to play for his / her team in the Final Series. However, the Squash League Sub-Committee has granted exemptions:

Div 1 & Ladies 1 -- As in previous seasons, ther is no qualification on minimum number of matches played.
Div 5, 6, 19, M1 & M2 -- Minimum number of matches played is reduced to 4 matches since all these divisions have a shorter season

Squash League -- Summary Tables on Schedule for Final Series

(Feb, 2014)


Teams with "Condition"

To maintain fair competition, the Squash League Sub-Committee has imposed "CONDITION" on certain teams. The condition is to "play ONLY one out of the top 2 players" in any one match. Teams with such condition in the coming season include:

Team Name
Twister 1

(Sep 30, 2013)

Squash League 2013/4 will start on October 2

Our 2013/4 season will start on October 2. Over 240 teams have joined in the coming season. In several divisions, we have more than 12 team applications. In order not to disappoint teams, those divisions have been split into 2 groups to play separately. On the other hand, in view of limited entries, decision has been made to combine Ladies 2 and Ladies 3. As a result, we only have 2 divisions in the Ladies League, i.e. L1 and L2

The following show the playing days for respective divisions:


Information for the coming season has been posted on our webpage. Teams are requested to check the webpage information periodically. League Office may still need to make adjustment to the match venues (ie LCSD or public venues).

Teams are requested to note that certain venues (eg CSPSC, PHSSC & KCSC) are rather "crowded" and especially on Thursday & Friday evenings. Team Convenors are recommended to contact opponent teams in advance to arrange and decide on the playing order, so as to fully utilize the court hours and to avoid unncessary delay.

During the league season, laague match has not been programmed on public holidays. In addition, there will be several breaks as indicated below:

Dec 1 - 8 -- Hong Kong Open

Dec 23 - Jan 4 -- Christmas & New Year
Jan 27 -- Feb 08 -- Chinese New Year
Apr 14 - Apr 26 -- Easter

(Sept 30, 2013)


Summer Squash League announces Winners

Summer Squash League 2013 has been successfully concluded & the League Office has finalized results & announced list of winners. Please click onto the following to view details:

Summer League -- Final League Results
Summer League -- List of Winners

Top 3 teams in each division will be awarded, but for divisions with less than 8 teams, only top 2 teams will receive trophies.

Prize Presentation Ceremony will be held on Sat, Oct 5 at 11.00am at Cornwall Street Park Squash Centre. All winning teams are invited to attend. A set of 4 trophies will be provided to each winning team. In case the team would like to have extra trophies, order MUST be placed with payment with the Leauge Office on or before Sept 27. Please click onto the following to download Order Form.

Summer League -- Replay Form for Attendance & Order of Extra Trophies

(Sept 27, 2013)


Referee / Marker Briefing Sessions for League Players

New players who have joined Squash League for the first time & have not attended any referee / marker course organized by HKS for either Summer or Winter League need to attend such course. The League Office has programmed two courses in Jan, 2014. Details are as follows:

Date: Jan 11 (Sat)
Time: 11.00-1.00pm
Language: Chinese

Date: Jan 18 (Sat)
Time: 3.30 - 5.00pm
Language: Chinese - English

Both sessions will be held at Exhibition Court, Hong Kong Squash Centre (Address: 23 Cotton Tree Drive, HK). Participation is FREE to players registered to play in the Squash League 2013/4 season. Registration must be made on or before Jan 9. Please click on the following to download the form

Squash League 2013/4 -- Registration Form for Referee / Marker Briefing Session on Jan 11& Jan 18, 2014

(Jan 8, 2013)


SQUASH included in World Masters Games in 2013

It is confirmed that "SQUASH" will be included in the World Masters Games, to be held in Torino (Turin) in Italy during August 2-11, 2013. Competition is per age group from 35+ to 80+. Masters players who are interested to join please visit the event website below for details.


League Match played at LCSD Venues

Majority of teams participating in Squash League use public venues, ie those venues managed by Leisure & Cultural Services Department, to play their league match. Per league regulations, all league match must be played according to match schedule or fixtures issued by Hong Kong Squash.

In case, squash courts reserved for league match will NOT be used for one reason or another (eg team cannot field 5 players & decide to give walkovers, both teams agreed to play at private club or make their own court arrangements, etc), there should be prior communication between teams & the League Office MUST be notified in advance. Reason is that League Office has to inform the appropriate LCSD venue to release the reserved courts for public use. It is the responsibility of the Home Team to notify the League Office.

While you turn up at LCSD venue for league match, it is the responsibility of the Home Team to sign in at the Reception Counter to report arrival. Venue staff will then turn on the lights in the courts.

It is a sincere request from the League Office for league teams to observe the conditions of use imposed by LCSD at all public venues. Your understanding & cooperation will be highly appreciated.


Squash League -- Arrangements for Match affected by Typhoon & Black Rainstorm Signal

Since we have entered into the rainy season, we wish to advise that league match will be automatically cancelled when Typhoon Signal No. 8 is hoisted. However, when Black Rainstorm Signal is issued at 5pm (for match starting at 7pm), in case team (especially those with junior players) feels that it is not safe to travel & intends to reschegule, Team Convenor should contact his / her opponent team immediately. They should also agree on a rescheduled date to play the match.

Please refer to a Memo issued by the League Office for details. Please click on the following to view the document.

Memo on Arraangements for League Match affected by Tyhpoon & Black Rainstorm Signal
-- English version
-- Chinese version