CSC Project


The objective of the Community Sports Club (CSC) Project is to provide assistance to National Sports Associations (Hong Kong Squash) in the promotion of sport at community level so as to:


 promote and strengthen the sport development for young players;

 enhance the standard of sports at community level; and

 encourage a lifelong participation in sports.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will assist the National Sports Associations (NSAs) to set up the community sports clubs as well as provide financial support for the organization of CSC sports development programmes.




Sports associations wishing to join the project must be:

 National Sports Association / Governing Sports Body; and

 the affiliated members of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China.

The above sports associations may recommend the sports clubs which meet the following requirements to join the project:

 be a non-profit making organization whose objectives are in line with those of the Community Sports Club Project;

 be a member of their respective NSAs;

 be registered under the Societies or Companies Ordinance;

 have adopted a club constitution;

 have an effective committee structure;

 have a long term development plan and a yearly plan including the schedule of regular practice/ training and competition ;

 have at least 20 active members; and

 have not joined the CSC Project through other NSAs before.



Assessment Criteria

The Department and the NSAs will assess applications of sports clubs in accordance with the following criteria:

 target membership and the number of existing members;

 feasibility and cost-effectiveness of yearly plans;

 partnership and relationship with the respective NSAs;

 experience in organizing activities;

 operational independence; and

 potential contribution to the respective NSAs for the development of the sport.




To promote the development of CSCs, the following technical and financial support will be provided for the CSCs through respective NSAs :

 technical support and advice from respective NSAs regarding the management of CSCs and the organization of sports development programmes;

 workshops and seminars on the management of sports clubs and technical aspects of the respective sport will be organized for members of CSCs; and

 funding will be granted to CSCs through respective NSAs for the organization of community sports development programmes. Under the Community Sports Club Subsidy Scheme, each CSC may submit three applications per year at the most through the respective NSAs and the maximum subsidy for each application is HK$22,000. The amount of subsidy for each application will be determined on individual basis.




Application forms for joining LCSD's Community Sports Club Project are available at:

 LCSD Offices

 LCSD Website:

 National Sports Associations (Hong Kong Squash)

Completed applications should be submitted to the respective NSAs for endorsement. Endorsed applications should then be sent to the Community Sports Club Unit of the LCSD (Address: 3/F, Leisure and Cultural Services Headquarters, 1-3 Pai Tau Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong) by the respective NSAs for further processing.




Should you wish to know more about the Project, please feel free to contact Leisure Services Branch Community Sports Club Unit of LCSD at 2601 8914 or Miss Angel CHAN, Sports Promotion Manager of Hong Kong Squash at 2810 4086.


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