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The Squash League is organized by Hong Kong Squash, and subvented by Leisure & Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Government. The league season normally runs from late September / early October till mid-May in the following year.


The Squash League comprises of Main, Ladies and Masters leagues, and is divided into divisions. League match is played between teams of 5 players with each rubber the best of 5 games (with the exception of Div 1, Ladies 1 and Masters 1). Point-a-Rally (PAR) scoring system is used.

Div 1 & Ladies 1 -- Match is played between teams of 3 players. PAR-11 scoring system is used. Each match is for 4 points: one point per rubber scored and one extra point for the match winner.
Div Masters 1 -- Match is played between teams of 4 players. PAR-15 scoring system is used. Each match is for 5 points: one point per rubber scored and one extra point for the match winner.
Other Divisions (including Div 2-19 in Main League, Div L2-L3 in Ladies League & Div M2-M3 in Masters League) - Match is played between teams of 5 players. PAR-15 scoring system is used. Each match is for 6 points: one point per rubber scored and one extra point for the match winner

Main League is basically for male players, but lady players can opt to play in the Main League, with or without registering with a team in the Ladies League. However, Ladies League is strictly for lady players. Men and ladies aged 40 and above may enter the Masters League, and team may comprise of both men and lady players.

Eligibility of Players

Players should be principally residents in Hong Kong and must be fully paid-up members of Hong Kong Squash.

Registration and Seeding of Players

Each team in the Main and Ladies leagues can register a maximum of 12 players. Team in the Masters League is permitted to register a maximum of 15 players. Players must be listed and seeded (or ranked) according to their playing ability and standard, with the top or best player put in the No. 1 position. Such application must be submitted to the League Office for consideration, and subject to approval by the the Squash League Sub-Committee.


Trophies will be presented to the top 3 teams in each division provided the division has 8 teams or more. For those divisions with less than 8 teams, only the Division Champions and the 1st Runner-ups will be awarded.

At the end of the season, the top 4 teams will be eligible to play off in the Final Series. The winner in the Final Series will also be awarded.

The Prize Presentation Ceremony is normally held in June/July after the close of the league season.


Conditions of entry & entry form is normally available in early June. Deadline for team entries is around mid-July. In case of queries, you may contact the League Office at tel 28104086.

WARNING to Players on Heath Conditions

If you are feeling unwell or having symtoms including but not confining to dizziness, nausea, increased or irregular heartbeat, chect discomfort with lightheadedness, sweating, shortness of breath prior to your attendance or taking part in any squash events, you should refrain from participating in the said activity or event. If you are having any of the above-mentioned symptoms during any squash events or competitions, or in the event of experiencing any discomfort or illness, you should immediately stop the activity and seek medical advice / treatment. Strenuous exercises are not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have contracted influenza; or are suffering from chronic illnesses; and after having taken medicine or alcohol.


(September, 2011)